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Афимилк программа видео, радио мега 2016 музыку мп3

Afimilk - The Heart of the Dairy Farm. 7090 likes · 18 talking about this. Afimilk ( S.A.E. Afikim) is a partner with our dairy farmer customers Since the AfiMILK program provides all these parameters it was decided to run the experiment using the parameters, allocating concentrates manually on a daily. Administrative Services Manager Read More. logo with historic pictures. Sponsors Announced for 2017 World Forage Analysis Superbowl Read More. Video.

Является самой полной из представленных на мировом рынке программ по зале и посылающих информацию в программу AfiMilk, установленную на. E.Aizinbud The fertility reports of the Dairy Records Processing Centers in some countries, including Israel, contain data about distribution of the length of the. Israeli farmers are also using a newly developed software program "Noa" that analyzes data of the Management Information System of Israel Cattle Breeders. AfiMilk understands your needs and offers integrated products and services for a competitive, profit generating enterprise. Around the world, dairy farm investors.

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