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Gbak restore fb2 и кино самый лучший фильм 1 через торрент

Backups taken with the gbak application from one version of Firebird - or InterBase - can be used by later versions of Firebird to restore the database, however. GBAK is Firebird's command line tool for online backup and restore of a . misc\ upgrade\security\security_database.txt file, which explains in detail Dec 14, 2009 If Firebird 2.1's gbak tries to restore that backup in a Firebird 2.1 server and and therefore I introduced the value RESTORE_ods in FB2.1. ISQL — Firebird Interactive SQL Tool. ISQL is a command-line tool for interactive SQL access to databases. It can also be used to perform administrative tasks.

GBAK performs backup and restore of a database file, which is used for database return 90 90 = 8100 records, but in FB2.0 it will correctly return 90 records. Nov 2, 2015 Go Up to Performing backups and restores using the gbak command. Use the following syntax to restore a database: For restoring: gbak {-c -r. 6 июн 2016 Восстановление базы данных из резервной копии – restore. Дополнительные gbak -b e.fdb e.fbk -v -y e_bak.txt. Теперь опять на экран. Jun 5, 2015 gbak:started transaction gbak:restoring domain SEC$KEY Database restore canceled 17:56:54 due to IBPP exception: IBPP::SQLException.

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