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Jensen ackles voice runnin cover adam lambert клип и боги древний греции

I would like to clearly point out that as much as Jensen is awesome , this is NOT Jensen Ackles. This is still Adam Lambert, someone just pitched his voice down. ArticalsPhotos Adam Elvis. adam lambert on the cover of fault magazine adam lambert music Новый клип Адама Ламберта - "Never Close. Explore Lambert He S, Adam Lambert Sexy, and more! album, amazing singer, incredible voice, adam lambert, better than i know myself, pop, adam lambert music Новый клип Адама Ламберта - "Never Close Our town Never close our eyes Runnin For your entertainment Whataya want from me If i had you. Убегать. Steel to my tremblin' lips. How did the night ever get like this? One shot and the whiskey goes down, down, down. Bottom of the bottle hits. Waking.

Okay so misha and jared buy nice and cool sunglasses and look really hot and then jensen is like I'm gonna be different dekadence jeeeee.

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